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Taking an off road jeep on a Merapi Lava tour is one of the most fun things to do in Yogyakarta. The tour is easy to arrange. Let me tell you about the tour and show you how you can make a booking (Merapi is also a popular destination for trekking, something to consider if you like the outdoors).

An adventurous Merapi Jeep adventure with an off road jeep. You will see the real and the most exotic side of Mt. Merapi. During the trip you can trace to the slope of Mt. Merapi that is totally destroyed after the last great eruption in November 4th and 5th , 2010.

Museum Sisa Hartaku

This is a modest museum that was established by a small family (Mr. Kimin and Mrs. Wati). Museum Sisa Hartaku can be translated to My Remaining Treasure Museum. The museum is actually within their house. This house was affected by the Merapi eruption in 2010.

The family (initiated by their first child) created this museum to inform people about the last Merapi eruption. Various personal things that were owned by the family are displayed at the museum such as: motorcycles, clothing, cutlery, furniture, pets, television and much more. I got melancholy feeling looking at their clock attached to the wall. The hands of the clock are stuck forever at the moment of the eruption. It is a chilling reminder of what happened when the hot ash cloud reached the village.

Several villages that were affected by the Merapi eruption

During the tour you will pass through several villages that were affected by the Merapi eruption (sorry I can’t remember the names of the villages). Some of the villages are now fields farmed by the locals. In these villages you will see abandoned buildings in the middle of these fields.

Alien stone

There is one big stone that is called Alien stone (Batu Alien) that was hurled out of the volcano during the eruption. The surroundings here are picturesque. During the Merapi Lava Tour you will come to the edge of a cliff where you can see one of the massive rivers around Merapi. Please be really careful when you are enjoying the view from the edge of the cliff as it is pretty high.


The bunker is located in Kaliadem and is no longer used anymore. Two people were found dead inside this bunker in 2006 (eruption). They tried to save themselves by entering the bunker and were trapped by debris from the eruption of Mount Merapi. They were covered with up to 6 feet of debris. The ash was as hot as 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you walk up a bit from the bunker and you can see such a beautiful view. The distance from the bunker to the Merapi summit is less than 10 km. So you can see Merapi pretty close and clear (if the weather permits). The area feels really magical and is my favourite spot of this tour.