Batik and Silver Jogja

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Kotagede is an old city located in the southeast of Yogyakarta city. With the many architectural buildings Mataram Islamic era is a special attraction for tourists who visit this city.

Kotagede is one of the sub-districts located in the heart of Yogyakarta City, its territory is adjacent to Umbulharjo and Bantul sub-district to its north. Already in the past, the image of Kotagede in Yogyakarta is famous for silver handicrafts.

Art forging, carving and forming silver into various forms have been controlled by people Kotagede long since generations from generation to generation. The result of silver handicraft from the work of craftsmen in Kotagede has been famous to foreign countries, because many silver handicrafts also have been exported abroad.

Almost most of Kotagede residents earn a living from silver handicrafts. It can be seen from along the main road Mondorakan up the road Tegal, Gendu many silver handicraft shops.

In ancient times before famous for its silver craft, many imitation craftsmen in this city then switched to silverware. Kotagede silverware emerged in the 16th century Mataram Islamic Kingdom. Beginning in the reign of Panembahan Senopati who ordered his craftman to make jewelry from gold and silver, because of his interest then developed silver craft to this day.

From the city of Yogyakarta to XT Square and then headed to kotagede through the path Pramuka meet red crossroad turn left (east) toward Jalan Mondorakan approximately 300 meters later meet small intersection.

Around Jalan Kemasan and Jalan Mondorakan, you can find a row of shops selling a variety of silver crafts on the right and left of the road. The number of silver craft stores in this place more 100 stores.


Typical Batik became the official dress of the Kingdom of Mataram since its inception. In the city of Yogyakarta you can hunt the original batik cloth, typical batik Kraton full of authority. One that can be the destination is Giriloyo batik village, batik craftsmen center in Yogyakarta which can be said including the oldest.

Giriloyo is right at the foot of the hill below the tomb of Mataram kings in Imogiri. Most of the male population work as abdi dalem while the mothers become batik craftsmen.